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April 3, 2004

Anthrofuge, evil comedic musicians

By Terry Johnson, freelance writer

The guys in Anthrofuge are funny as hell, but far from a joke! While they have a great time exchanging one-liners back and forth, their musical chemistry on stage is second to none. I was surprised to see the combination of death metal and fun! I'd just about accepted that going to metal shows was all about being around a bunch of pricks clearly trying to over-compensate for something. These guys are confident enough to just be themselves and have a good time.

Chad (guitar) and Coach (vocals) have been fixtures in the local metal/hardcore scene for years. The reason may surprise you. Chad and Coach have worked together as dj's on the St. Ambrose radio show "BED SLAM" for years. The show is all about heavy music. Music that would normally be "too heavy" for most corporate stations. I remember tuning them in when I was in junior high to get an education in all things metal. They do a great job with the show! You can listen for yourself Fridays on 105.5 FM and 88.5 FM

Al Collins is no stranger to the scene either. He played bass for one of my all time favorite local hardcore bands Uphold. I had their tape "Initiate" way back in the day. I wore it out! He's a talented player, and a nice guy. His live tone is killer, and his stage presence is as well. He's old school to the bone, and I love it!

One of the most unique qualities this band has is the drumming of Kanoo. The band is self described as death metal. Kanoo plays single kick. I've never heard a death metal band without double kick. Some might see this as a detriment, but this former Meth and Goats drummer is amazing. He lays the smack down, and is quick enough with one foot to rival many double kick players. He does excellent cymbal work, and keeps the freight train rolling full steam, with tasteful, thoughtful drumming.

Overall, the band is a great mix of different styles. They're quality players who have a fun time entertaining their audience. They have really cool shirts too! I bought one! I'm going to try to catch these guys as much as I can, and maybe even try to rope them into a show or two. Check out their site at .

That's all I've got for now.