This is the home of Midwest metal band, Anthrofuge. Featuring members of King of Clubz, Uphold, Meth and Goats, The Bloody Wankers, Priapism, Drift, Chaji Brothers, Breed, The New Thrills, Subsist, The Bothered, A. R., and Armored Unit H-7.

We are currently looking for shows to hook up anywhere in the Midwest region. Please contact Batlord at If the venue has a foosball table, then we're extremely interested, as we're all foosball idiots.We don't even mind playing first, like some bands who take themselves too seriously...

Our CDs are available!!!. We recorded and mixed it at Mercenary Digital up near Chicago, and had it mastered at Mastermind Productions in Milwaukee, so it sounds great. It is entitled "Impaled in Comparison". Huge thanks to Scott at Mercenary Digital Studios for taking time out of his busy schedule (and life) to make us sound way better than we should. And a big thanks to Trevor at Mastermind for making us sound even better than we thought we would. We're taking orders on the website and you can purchase it with various distributors, so pick up a copy when you buy your next CD purchase through these fine establishments:
Very Distribution
Red Line Distribution Suffering Jesus Distribution
Trinity Records (Hong Kong)
South of Heaven Records (Japan)
Sonic Temple (Slovakia)
Stygian Crypt (Russia)

So, we have our first Anthrofuge sighting in a school yearbook. I bet mom was proud! Check out the Fuge shirt under the collared shirt he's wearing. This kid totally rules (although his identity is withheld for privacy).

We have merchandise!!!!

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