Here is information on various battles of the bands that the Fuge has played. Enjoy

Lulac Club in Davenport, IA

We didn't make it past the first round. Hey at least they didn't shut the power off on us! Coach swears it was because we played first. IF the judges would have heard that we weren't going to be a green day leg-shakin' band like everyone else, we would have finished better. And if the judges would have seen how little the other bands moved, we would have finished better. So says Coach.

Judge 1 comments

Judge 2 comments

Judge 3 comments

21 Club in Galesburg, IL

We were told they would take 3 of the 6 bands from each night into the second round. When two of the bands didn't show up, we thought our chances were better. Unfortunately, they decided to take the 2 bands that didn't have much crowd response. Us and a smokin' band called Missing in Action. MIA got told that Galesburg wasn't ready for their style of music (straight up good time punk rock) and we got called "industrial". Needless to say Coach blew up!