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Title: Anthrofuge Review from Tony Pisst (June 2004)

the end the end/anthrofuge show

Posted on June 9, 2004 at 10:40:43 AM by Tony

Last night I literally stumbled into the year 2004's perverted and oddly lit version of a 1950's gymnasium and watched Gary and the sex crazed robots a.k.a. the end the end stab a beautifuly white guitar into time's stomach and tell it to fuck off while blood sprayed violently from its gut.

They don't care about a rock star persona, they have a new thing. They are the bloody and deformed beetles, only instead of sweet melodies played to thousands of screaming young impressionable girls waiting to be taken advantage of they play all out schizophrenic, one eyed one horned flyin purple people eater, 'i have no soul lets create a monster' songs of madness with tank treads and a big fucking cock shaped gun coming out of the neck.

Anthrofuge followed and I thought 'theres no way they can top that shit'. There was no way to compare. Born and raised in another time. The end The end had inner arguements and chastisement; you'd be watching a japanese kid scream one second and youd look back in another and hed be by the drums facing the wall like some sort of creepy edited film. Anthrofuge had the barbaric off time riffs of a new world caveman; some sort of human predator with split personalities and Coach as the singer. The theatrical antics of coach make you wonder if when he puts that mic up to his mouth hes singing heartfelt or imaging about sucking a dick as long and hard as that microphone.

Anthrofuge combined the talents of giovanni ribisi on bass, an octopus hyped on meth on drums, A man without a soul on licks, and a guy who screams death metal at his mom for a sandwich on vocals.

The only thing that couldve made that show better would've been tits. Or maybe more weed.