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Review from Tony Pisst.

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From Absolute Metal:
"I think if you're gonna try to cut and paste a style you might as well take on some of the leaders or better musicians of the genre, and that's what you get here. An updated version of Obituary, slow grinding guitars with off-timed drums. So good the only thing that could make this better is if the were Obituary. "
Album rating:5/5

From Metal Side (Poland):
"Impaled in Comparison", 2004, self-released full-length album
"Frotterurism", promo 2004
"I read a warning that Anthrofuge doesn't like typical track-structures. It is a truth. This band doesn't use the classical schemes and doesn't try to copy well-known styles. The quartet has original ideas and their music becomes one of the most interesting phenomena of Midwest Death Metal Scene in years. To some degree, it's extravagant style because it delivers many strange, unorthodox riffs. On the other hand, it's pure Death Metal and one can find some comparisons that will help the reviewer to describe Anthrofuge's music. Frankly, different names come to my mind, and Abscess, Withered Earth, and Clitorture are only the examples. Now you can wonder what I really want to tell you. It may seem strange that I underline Anthrofuge's originality and at the same time I compare this band very easily. Well, think more about the originality than my comparisons. The core of Anthrofuge's music is very old-school-oriented, but they have very interesting ideas expressed in the songwriting that's why even classical sounds seem original in their compositions. Simply, they know very well how to diversify the music, and how to make the tracks complex and unusual. I'm impressed hearing slow, heavy parts and delighted when Minnesota's quartet plays fast. Their riffs are sometimes very intricate and sometimes simple and straightforward. And believe me or not, they are never incoherent. I have Anthrofuge's two materials. "Frotteurism" is a promo recorded in January 2004 (two songs) and February 2004 (one song). "Impaled in Comparison" is a full-length album recorded in May 2004 at famous Mercenary Digital. Scott Creekmore (Nun Skull) engineered and mixed it. The production of the album is very good. Anthrofuge's members are very good instrumentalists and they were or are the members of different projects that have nothing in common with Death Metal: King of Clubz,Uphold, Meth and Goats, The Bloody Wankers, Priapism, Drift, Chaji Brothers, Breed, The New Thrills, Subsist, The Bothered, A. R., and Armored Unit H-7. That's one of the reasons why they are so original Death Metal band. "

[Note, Anthrofuge is not from Minnesota]

From Vampire Magazine (The Netherlands)
My first impression of this release was that is sounded like a 45 rpm hardcore record played at 33 rpm. And when I read the bio it stated that there are some members hailing from the Midwest hardcore scene so my assumption was right. Well it's more than just slowed down hardcore it also has some death grind parts in it and overall some nice twists and turns. How does someone classify this? Well I'm not sure but grind doom hardcore would be appropriate I guess. Although the CD has a duration of 41 minutes the last 24 minutes are filled with the guys playing a foosball match, funny but you turn it off after a while but there is some music right at the end of the foosball match, well more a rehearsal song that is. This is a release I will not play every day well not even every week I guess, first because a lot of elements I've already heard on numerous other grind death releases. Nevertheless the music and the musicianship aren't bad at all far from it even it's good for one listen no more no less I guess.

From Trinity Records (Hong Kong)
Here's a rough translation from one of those web page translation sites:
First gave me the deep impression is this phonograph record style design, darkness, is evil moreover has filled the murderous intention. If the light looked a how the title page as if can't imagine this is style phonograph record, this is comes from US'S ANTHROFUGE orchestra to transcribe the release the propaganda plate. Including 7 works, their style followed the very many classics old death/to grind the nuclear orchestra the style, similar NECROPHAGIA, ABSCESS. Sinks steadily, nervousness type acceleration and has the extremely abnormal voice.

Such music as if does not have the too many technical ingredient, but more one kind the abnormal flag which is unable to imitate, causes death breath which in music seeps. The ANTHROFUGE orchestra has the extremely special place, the every so often some arrangements and the timbre were has not ground inside the nuclear phonograph record in before to hear. In the musician performance you may realize to theirs performance technology chord happy feeling is extremely outstanding, although some look like the quite simple detail, but carefully realized extremely has the strength actually! In orchestra's creativity and music concept has not used has been changeable condition and the pornographic ingredient, moreover often solidly manifests one kind of death with music the breath. Is listening in everybody all pursue high speed, the abnormal music time, Impaled In Comparison is can bring pleasantly surprised Old School to you the Death/Grind phonograph record.

Appraisal: 8/10 (Wang)

From South of Heaven (Japan)
We found out this wasn't a full review, rather, it was a description of our CD for people to purchase. It actually says, "Illinois First Album, Heavy Brutal Death - Good".

From Skratch Magazine
The bio that accompanied this wretched CD asked reviewers to be brutally honest. Well, to be honest, trying to get through this entire album is brutal. This CD is filled with tracks that are uninspired, monotonous and boring. There's no sense of cohesion with the structure of any of the songs. At times, the drums go off on their own tangent and no longer match the music (like on "None Righteous"). Plus, this band has the worst death-metal vocalist ever. If you can make it through the mess that is IMPALED IN COMPARISON, Anthrofuge badly covers "Holding Out for a Hero" about 20 minutes into the hidden track. If you ask me, it's not worth the wait.
-Dane Jackson
[Just goes to show, you can't please everyone. But we honestly do appreciate the honest review.]

From Midwest Metal Magazine
No specific style adhered to, but all are present is a cool way to describe the debut release from Anthrofuge. Who? Yeah, no shit that’s what I was saying until the first spin of ‘Impaled In Comparison’ which is a fucking killer of a CD. I get an Obituary, Death, the slower stuff on ‘Gallery of Suicide’ era Cannibal Corpse feel for the music itself. Vocally total Death Metal with some variance but the strength is the songs themselves. Very catchy and pummeling riffs fucking fly all over this and while the production on this is nothing to brag about, the “feel” of the material is awesome. And before you go rushing out for the ultimate in musicianship, slow down these guys will not be mistaken for Cynic any day soon, but the passion and heart reign over all. One of the better self released demos I’ve heard in awhile, definitely one to check out!

From LedoTakas online magazine - From Estonia - yes, it's a real country
Not so long time ago started band is ambitious enough to present their first songs to the public in this eight track professionally printed CD that they call debut album, but it is far from being a fully representative release of the band yet. Both because they are not that tight yet as a unity, and because it features only seventeen minutes of original material. That's the dumbest thing to add a 24 minute long bonus with some crap of the band members [I believe] playing some table-football or pool or whatever game audio recorded. Well, even in America there are not too many dumb asses to do as stupid things. I would understand the humour if their music was some kind of punk or hardcore crap, but not when guys attempt to play dark Death/Thrash Metal. Concerning the latter, this is quite untraditional way of handling things: they do it mid or slow tempo most of the time, drummer never uses his left feet and play with one bass drum only, and beside – compositions carry quite structureless character. Can't name these songs over the edge technical, but they are not messing up things when some more complex riffs and rhythms are concerned. However, in its whole this recording does not bring anything groundbreaking anyway. They'd better put in some feeling, as music is not as rough and brutal as vocalist[s] is trying to stream it out into the mic. On the other hand, if their ultimate goal is Death Metal, then they should think on how to make it sound rawer and more extreme, to fit in that vocal style. Disc does not finish up with a crappy sounds of playing that goddamn game, as they blast off with a cover of half Bonnie Tyler half Metallica to cream it. Does it make anyone feel better? Don't be so sure about it.

From Pull the Chain
This is not what I was waiting for. From the cover, I first thought "Impaled In Comparison" would deliver some old school black metal but there is nothing to be compared to black metal throughout the six tracks of this album. The biography speaks about Suffocation, Entombed and Necrophagist and beside some Suffocation connections, I’m unable to link Anthrofuge’s music with any Entombed or Necrophagist albums. For my opinion, «Impaled In Comparison» is a mix of ultra slow paced black metal coupled with few grind surroundings that eventually keeps much of the same slow/ mid pace throughout. The ultra deep guttural vocal work appears soon to be one of the less convincing elements of Anthrofuge’s musical work…but on the other side, you can say it increase the heaviness of the whole project. After a while, it does get a bit dreary but remains reasonably enjoyable if you’re a fan of this kind of death metal. The last track is a little bit incomprehensible…Babyfoot maniacs???

From Metal Fanatix
------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a four-piece brutal death metal assault hailing from the Midwestern state of Illinois. Anthrofuge's 2nd demo is a very good quality recording and sounds similar to Human Waste era-Suffocation. As most of you should be aware.... if Anthrofuge follows suit, their first official full-length on a label will be spectacular! Let me first start, though, by acknowledging what is visibly heard on "Impaled in Comparison". This 2nd demo (within a year) is very tightly woven with a plethora of breaks, tempo and riff changes. Some of the spontaneousness behind the dynamics are very odd, but they always keep you guessing. In the same respect, often the tempo changes run in so close together that you hardly notice unless you listen for them. This could also lose you in the mix of the songs. Could be somewhat boring at times. Anthrofuge are a riff-crazy quartet with alot to offer, but I think they need to throw some solos or something in there to keep the music a little more interesting. They just need a little more bite, ya know? Not too bad for an independent demo, though.... not bad at all. This should get some attention from the big boy labels! If you're into Obituary, Suffo, Internal Bleeding, and such... check these guys out!
Rating: 72

From Music Extreme
A really brutal band that can combine death metal with some old school influences and with some doom in the slower tracks (such as "Embracing the Pain"). With a guttural voice that leads the path this guys ahve achieved moments of pure brutality without abusing speed and making the band sound devastating with the use of pure heavy guitar riffs and crushing drumming. I really like the way the drummer emphasizes the riffs and also the slower parts uing a lot of creativy in his fills and patterns. the vocals are extremely guttural fitting the feeliung of the music and adding even more brutality. The sound is really good and clear making the guitars shine. There is also a hidden track after almost twenty minutes of voices and noises, called "Holding Out for a Hero" that sounds more direct and less death (even if it still has the guttural is a Bonnie Tyler song done in the Anthrofuge vein). A bestial band full of intense aggression !!

From Metal Zone (Italy)
Google translation

The Anthrofuge already member of the King of Clubz is formed in the summer of the 2003 from an idea of Batlord (, drums; From the Wreckage, bass; Armored Unit H-7, guitar; Uphold; The Bloody Wankers; Priapism; Beg to Differ) and Coach (Armored Unit; H-7). Calling to finish the group Al-throfuge (The Afterdarks; Uphold; The Chaji Brothers; Drift; Breed; The New Thrills; Subsist; The Bothered; A.R.) and Kanoo (Meth and Goats; TriLambs).

The Anthrofuge does not appreciate the typical structures of the death and they do not love to copy the styles of the sort classics. The members of the group have of the ideas a lot originate them $R-with regard to their music making it to become one of the more interesting phenomena of the last years in within death metal.

Theirs riff to outside of every logic and not orthodox us remember groups like Abscess. The musical base of the Anthrofuge is old school oriented, but with the most original ideas in the compositions, it is in the heavy parts more disc of a valve and that in the fast parts.

Great disc of death metal, advised but single the true ones gets passionate cause to you the exasperated gravity of the sound and for the continuous one "vomitare" of the singer.

More than optimal the production of the job and curatissimo the packaging with the artwork realized with pictures of Gentileschi Artemisa (roman artist 1593-1652) .