Anthrofuge Bio

Coach - Vocals
Kanoo - Drums
Al - Bass
Chad - Guitar and vocals

Anthrofuge started as a side project of Armored Unit H-7 (featuring Chad and Coach). In early 2003, Chad threw together some metal-type songs and recorded them with the machine-like drumming skills of Otto Mattick, simply to market to interested musicians. Kanoo had recently departed Meth and Goats and was interested in playing with some mature musicians when he jumped on board to play drums. Al from Uphold was interested in playing something a little different than his usual style and brought some world music and jazz bass stylings to the mix. Coach wanted this band to be intense but laid-back as well. His death metal growls add something unique to a style of music that used to be primarily double bass driven. Chad seems to do whatever it takes to keep these guys together - everything from cooking and cleaning the practice space, to supplying bad b-movies and mountain dew for everyone.

Basically, Anthrofuge is a combination of a lot of different styles of music. Everyone listens to something a little different and it shows in the writing. When asked to describe the music, the easiest way to explain it is, "Death metal without double bass."

And Anthrofuge is all about FOOSBALL. We play foosball about 70 percent of practice time (literally). We love to play and we'll take on any band that wants us to. If you can book us in a venue with a foosball table, we will be your best friend for life.